Course Portals

Creating Powerful, User Friendly Course Portals, that are Aligned to Your Heart and Soul Codes, for Your Online Offerings

Course Portals

Creating Powerful, User Friendly Course Portals, that are Aligned to Your Heart and Soul Codes, for Your Online Offerings

Course Portal Portfolio

We are passionate about supporting you share your unique heart and soul codes with the world, creating powerful, user friendly online course portals for your offerings. We help you to create a thriving online community, utilising smooth UX interfaces, creating a satisfying customer experience for your clients.

Sexual Self Healing Series

The Rose Code Mysteries


The Sacred Purpose Portal

Temple of Light Portal

The Daily Practice Portal

The Chakra

Sekhmet Warrior Goddess

Tantra for Everyone Portal

Tantra for Women Portal

Tantra for Men Portal

Ask Dr Marc Portal

Portal Features Include

♥ Individual Logins for all clients into Membership Area

♥ Personalised Membership Area for each client with access to all enrolled courses

♥ Homepage for each course

♥ Individual Lessons within each course – unlimited

♥ Call to Further Action page at the end of every course to channel clients into your funnel

♥ Holds the vibration of the soul codes and heart offerings of the Presenter

♥ Holds the  power and value of your unique offerings

Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

Sexual Self Healing Series Portal

An 8 Week Online Immersion to Reclaim Sexual Sovereignty and Erotic Innocence. Discover how your sexual energy can unlock keys for your spiritual awakening and restore your true soulful, feminine creative power.

Rose Code Mysteries Portal

A three part mini series to awaken your inner sexual mystic. This is an invitation to reclaim your sexual sovereignty and embody the ecstatic evolutionary power of your womb.

Priestess Training Main Portal

A 9 Month Online Training. An alchemical crucible for you to ignite your creative spark, unleash your wild authentic voice, connect to your deep soul desires, nurture your dreams, awaken your sacred purpose.

Sacred Purpose Portal

The Sacred Purpose Portal is a portal holding the deepening content for those women in the Priestess Training who chose to have premium level coaching for the 9 months. Igniting creative spark, unleashing wild authentic voice, connecting to deep soul desires, nurturing your dreams, awaken, refine and offer sacred purpose.

Creating a Temple of Light Portal

The Creating Sacred Space Portal is a complimentary portal to support the main content of the Priestess Training Portal. This portal supports sacred facilitators of transformational work to invoke the sacred elements, angelic beings, star beings and personal guides, to hold a sacred space for participants.

Daily Practice Series Portal

This series is based on an ancient future Tantric Egyptian alchemical system and is a series of cutting edge ecstatic evolutionary practices created for these times. These daily practices are based in the sacred inner union principles, that connect us to the womb of the earth and the central sun and the high magnetic energies that are available to us when we do.

Chakra Alchemy Series Portal

A 7 week Online Immersion to embodying the Alchemical Dance Priestess – an invitation to sensually embody the true source of your sacred feminine power, wisdom and love. This is an invitation for you to learn the ancient art of transformational alchemy in a fun and contemporary way.

Sekhmet Warrior Goddess Portal

21 Day sacred immersion to infuse yourself in the vibrant ecstatic power of the Goddess Sekhmet. Sekhmet, is the Egyptian Goddess of transformation, healing and fierce compassion, whose presence emanates the ecstatic life force of the Kundalini energy or Sekhem as it is known in Egyptian.

Tantra For Everyone Portal

A free Introductory Course which is offered to demystify Tantra. Tantra is the discovery of who you are at your core before the world told you how to be. It’s the exploration of what makes you, you. It’s finding your own internal navigation system so that you can live your life on your terms.

Tantra For Women Portal

Tantra for Women offers an opportunity for women to stop and take time out for themselves. Time out that will have lasting effects! Awaken your soul to the possibilities of an open heart, deeper connections with men, feeling your sexual energy, and discovering how tantra can make a significant difference in your life.

Tantra For Men Portal

Tantra for Men provides men with everyday wisdom and practical tools to approach their sexual experiences and relationships in a whole new way. It brings a new level of awareness to how you engage with women and will support you to feel more aligned with who you are as a man.

Ask Dr Marc Portal

Professor Marc Cohen has long been the go-to man for practical and applicable solutions to wellness queries in a complex modern world. Your Wellness Questions answered through a series of articles written for Prevention Magazine.

Working with Elestial Designs

My heart feels called to work with Elestial Designs and I would like to find out more.

‘It is always a blessing to have your magical star dust sprinkled over my offerings. I love how your offerings support my writings and teachings anchoring them into form. You are such a blessing into my life.’

– Leyolah Antara
Creator and Founder Kundalini Dance™ and the Temple of Isis Mystery School



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